OLEANDER – A fast and easy growing flowering shrub

Oleander is a flowering shrub giving beautiful flowers. This is fast growing and requires little care. It grows well in sandy soil and dry and humid condition. Most cultivars will grow to 8 to 12 feet tall and almost as wide as they are tall. Some dwarf cultivars stay as low as 3 to 5 feet. So dwarf cultivars are better for small gardens. To maintain the plants (other than dwarf) as shrub, strict pruning is necessary.IMG_2064

Oleander is a tough, versatile plant with showy flowers in white, red, pink, salmon and light yellow. Its long lean leaves are also beautiful.

Oleander is propagated by seeds and stem cuttings. Stem cuttings of 6-8 months old are best for fast rooting. Rooted cuttings can be planted in sunlit area. Some organic manure may be applied at the time of planting. Limit the number of plants according to area.

As Oleander is a drought resistant plant, it requires little water. Excess manuring and watering should be strictly avoided to prevent over growth.

Regular pruning should be done to keep the plant bushy and attractive.

Oleander plant is totally poisonous. So take care while handle the same.

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